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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by antonio kan, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. antonio kan

    antonio kan New Member

    Feb 14, 2021
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    Local Time:
    9:26 AM

    i am just but a novice aquarium owner, currently the tanks i care for are a mix match.

    Largest tank: 120gal? main purpose is for Corydoras, breeding pair of Ancistrus cf. chirrous, two small peruvian angels, 1 Geophagus red head(5"-6") and surmanesis (6"-7"), mix of skunk cories, sterbai, super schwartzi, elegans, and 2 strangler leucomelas. Plant inhabitants; Anubias barteri and Homalomena sp. south.

    25 gallon long:
    plant load; mix of bucephalandras, anubias nana variants (pintos, whites) , a few stems of staurogyne sp. bihar, Bacopa salzmanni sp araguaia, unknown rotala sp. , mix of mosses (fissidens, riccardia, Blepharostoma trichophyllum? , unknown "buce moss" clumps )
    no fish minus 1 otocinclus sp that needs to be fished out, 5-6 amanos, small grouping of neocaridina "snow balls", 1 nerite

    20 gallon and below:
    1- 15 gallon Corydoras (cw010) orange laser, Aspidoras spilotus breeding colony, breeding pair trio of Ancistrus false L114 Lemon blue/black eye.
    plant load: couple gallons of moss, Taxiphyllums, Vesicularias, bits of Anubias nana golden, a rhizome of Bucephalandra green "godzilla", 20-30% water change every two to three days if im trying to spawn, regular maintence, 20-30% every 3 days, 10% top up from evapouration, Temp: 23-25c, 73-77f
    1- 15 gallon extra fry grow out for cories, aspidoras, medaka fry, growing group of Ancistrus super reds
    a few 5 gallons, fish species for those are guppy pairs/fry only. majority planted, still requires work and fine tuning
    1- 7.5 gallon Bucephalandra mix, mixed stems (Limnophila aromatica mini, unknown Rotala sp, Ludwigia sp. white?(culture from hortilab, but looks like Ludwigia inclinata var cuba) , Ludwigia glandulosa, three Cryptocoryne sp

    i do own other tanks, just these are the only ones worth mentioning. i can provide pictures if theres interest
    open to learn and chat. have a good day
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