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Jan 25, 2020
United States
I am new to the Barr Report, but not new to planted tanks. It is refreshing to have an active forum as a resource that has reliable info. Most groups like this are long gone or not very active. I had been on hiatus from fish keeping for the last 10 years (koi pond was last fish) because of moving locations and other life events. Kept most of my equipment and some tanks stored. Have not had a fish tank since 2007. A few things have changed, equipment and technology wise. One thing being LED lighting becoming affordable. I am big into DIY and make a good part of my equipment. I also enjoy modifying store bought equipment. It's the hobby with in the hobby for me. I am not unfamiliar with Tom Barr. I read quite a bit of his online articles back in late 90s and early 2000s. I am pretty sure I was in some early fish forums and "talked" in some post threads. I was searching for a particular article on a subject a few months back and remembered Tom's name from a while ago and came upon this forum still active. I have had the opportunity(AKA-time) to start setting up a few of what will be many tanks. I look forward on getting caught up and refresh some things I had forgot about as well as some advise on an algae issue I never had before. I'll be posting that in the appropriate topic. So HELLO! it's good to be back.