Hello to Everyone!


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May 12, 2009
Rocklin, CA
Hello Everyone! My name is Jim in Rocklin, California. My wife Mary and I have had a planted tank for about 5 years. My wife and I have enjoyed it greatly. Basic specs: 50gallon, eheim canister pump, C02 at one time, UV sterilizer. CFL hood. Don't actually recall the substrate at this point... its been a while. The tank has never been down in that time, but its gently failing for multiple reasons. We would like to take it down and start basically from scratch on another setup, turning up the heat so to speak: C02, optinal lighting, substrate and a maintenable efficent and slightly overbuilt undertank plumbing job. Possibly using the same tank which is a 50(ish) gallon 36" long tank, but open to suggestions on that front.

We're thinking 100 gallons or less and possibly even smaller than current setup. Our main goals are beauty and beautiful execution and from what I see in the gallery there are some stunning tanks represented here.

All that to Say HELLO and let you guys know what we're up to.. I look forward to learning a great deal here as we build our setup. I'll get busy lurking/learning the site and I look forward to meeting you folks. I'm a fairly tech guy with good fabrication skills and great interest so don't hold back..!

Regards to all , Jim And Mary in Rocklin

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Well, you can stop down off of Watt and 50 each Tues(today is the exception, short notice for you!), we have a meeting at the Round table pizza there in the back(SAPS). We meet monthly.

I live in Sac.

So you get most of the ferts etc here locally from us.

Tom Barr