Hello, I'm A New Member - Fischautotechgarten - Sonoran Desert Fish Nook

My name is Peter. A hobbyist from way back (like AquaticPlantsDigest-APD, theKrib, GeorgeBooth way back...) recently re-entering the hobby with vigor, having commenced the planning, purchasing, preparing and putting into play a mini fish room, The Sonoran Desert Fish Nook.

My wife and I reside in Green Valley Arizona, near the Mexican border. We spent the last 15 years in Mexico, which limited my fishkeeping as we maintained residences in both countries. Covid-19 forced us to re-evaluate, and we took the decision to remain permanently in Arizona (with only brief visits to our mountain pueblo of Alamos, Sonora, Mex). Hence, my circumstances now allow me to induldge my fancy for fishkeeping a bit.

I like simple nature aquariums with a community feel. Basic stem plants, non demanding corydoras, tetras, ottos, shrimps, dwarf plecos and dwarf cichlids.

The bulk of my participation will be learning from the many advanced hobbyist with a knack for the science of a thing and applying lessons to the flora/fauna/processes of my new Fish Nook (it's been online for 3 weeks now; I've attached a few pictures rather than describe it a length.) I'm certainly willing to share my trials and tribulations in fishkeeping as well.

I am an active member of the Desert Aquarist Society (Southern Arizona) and enjoy supporting good, privately owned fish stores and quality hobbyist/fishkeepers who make their flora and fauna available. I count Arizona Nature Aquarics in Tucson AZ and Aquarium Zen in Seattel WA as the gold standards, and have had the priviledge of visiting and purchasing from both recently. I'm not fond of social media, but I do participate on a few forums (i.e. simplydiscus and theplantedtank).

I like gardening, tinkering with tech (Raspberry Pis, PLCs), and cars. So there's the meaning of FischAutoTechGarten (yeah German, but I'm not).

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