Hello! Hoping To Get Some Advice On Monte Carlo Melting, Turning White


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May 11, 2020
hello, I'm having an issue with Monte Carlo melting and turning white. it wouldn't let me put the details in this post saying its spam but I posted everything in a comment below.

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May 11, 2020
hello, I'm having an issue with Monte Carlo melting and turning white. for some reason I can't post a full acount of what's happening. keeps saying its spam. will try again in another post

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hello. I would really appreciate some help in diagnosing what issue is causing my Monte Carlo carpet to turn white and melt. My tank is approximately 2 months old. the first three weeks were great and the carpet grew out. then suddenly the plants started turning white and melting within a matter of days. I thought it was due to low calcium and fluctuating co2 levels. due to the melt I had a huge algae issue which I resolved with excel. my carpet is finally growing back but today again I noticed some of the new growth turning white! This happens very fast in a matter of one day. I don't know what's going on at this point.

here are my tank parameters

60 gallon tank running on two oase bombaster 600 thermo

one has a uv sterilizer and the other co2 diffuser and reactor

I have twin star light set at 75% for 6.5 hours a day - afraid to go longer at this point due to dead plant material still dissolving from the initial melt

co2 is yellow - I have only a betta fish and he doesn't mind the high co2 level

I'm using green leaf aquarium ferts for EI dosing using the rotala butterfly calculator.

also using green leaf GH booster

I have some crushed coral in the filter to raise the PH a little bit for when I'm ready to add fish.

GH 9

KH 5

Ph 6.4

Co2 38-60 no fish

Ammonia 0.25

Nitrites 0.25

Nitrates 40

please let me know your thoughts. much appreciated


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Jun 20, 2016
Welcome to the forum and sorry for your troubles. I think you can repost this in Plant fertilization to get a bit more exposure to your issue.

This kind of melt may be caused by a few problems.
Was the growth emersed ? Dry start ?

How often are the water changes ?
First make sure the drop checker is as responsive as it should be by taking it out of the water for a few hours. It should turn blue.

Is anything other than Green leaf dosed to the tank ? Are the fertilizer / GH booster dissolved in solution before being added to the tank or are they added directly to the tank as dry salts ?

Excel in high doses can cause such melting on plants . It is heavier than water so it makes sense your carpet would be affected.

Ammonia concentrations being relatively high and kept for a long time can induce similar melting . That ammonia is present in the water column at 0.25 , after 2 months , at KH 5, with just 1 Betta could indicate this was the problem. What substrate is that ? DId you add any root tabs to it ?

Hope we get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile good vacuum cleaning of the carpet to remove dead bits and water changes may help. Feel free to post the answers to the questions either here or in your new post in Plant nutrition.


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May 11, 2020
I started dry start and it wasn't going super great. I got tissue culture from bruce plant and they sucked. so then ordered potted from aquarium plants and they grew much better. the tank was growing great and after adding water I had no issues. the cycle completed and ammonia was 0. then in a matter of days many plants turned white. after that algae went crazy so I had to do some drastic measures and used excel. during that time I was doing water changes every other day. I stopped dosing excel about two weeks ago and now doing water changes twice a week.

I have Amazonia version two. no additional root tabs except for what was provided.

the ferts I mix in the gla 500ml bottles.

the drop checker is good, I used different solutions and getting the same result. also using the ph and kh chart gives similar values for co2.

I have a feeling the ammonia won't go down until all the dead plant material is gone, and there is still quite a bit. I just dont want to tear the whole carpet apart as the root structure seems to still be intact and there is a lot of new growth.

but a couple days ago my new growth started turning white again.

I added double the micro nutrient dose yesterday and no expansion of the white plants today. maybe its iron deficiency?