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Oct 16, 2017
Karachi, Pakistan
Hi Everyone

I am from Pakistan city(Karachi) and adopt planted tank hobby last year June 2016. We have aquarium since 1985 but simple aquarium without decoration and plants.
Since 1985, me and my dad visit many LFS but never found aquatic plants. Although some plastic plants always available but not so charming.
From last couple of years, very few LFS have Amazon Swords and Anubias Barteri which my dad bring one time and they get eaten (by gold fish and carbs) and die in few months. My father did not know how to keep Aquarium plants keep alive.
Last year, accidentally i watched a youtube video in which a guy make nature aquarium in somewhere wild beside freshwater river and collect everything from wild even fishes. That attract me nature aquarium and i search more and more till I watch ADA Takashi Amano video. That amaze me and pushed me to have such aquarium in my home. To have HIGH TECH planted tank, many LFS do not have all the equipment available and those few LFS have CO2 diffuser + cylinder are selling very high + they build up a fear into customer mind to have bla bla bla bla bla to get the planted tank and it is just for temporary which shows in many contests. From that moment I promised myself to get this hobby with all my resources and will show everyone in my country (Pakistan) that is not difficult.
Many of small equipment bought from AliExpress website and some aquatic plants import from Malaysia and Dubai myself. At first I had fight with GREEN HAIR ALGAE and GREEN SPOT ALGAE on my plants and later brown hair algae. I had retreated them with hydrogen peroxide but heavily damage my plants and let them die due to mistreated. All my imported plants from Malaysia died and i had nothing left, than i bought 12 different plants from DUBAI and imported myself which are flourishing now healthy.
I had covered all my experience here and i feel mush to learn from all the experts and professionals by joining such a forum.
I will post my aquarium picture for comments.
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Aug 25, 2016
Welcome :) I can sympathize I just killed off all my Monte Carlo with hydrogen peroxide last Saturday. You sound determined, you'll make it.
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