Hello from Manchester, UK


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Sep 20, 2021
Manchester, UK
Hello everyone,

it’s about time I actually sign up and engage in more of the aquascaping community, as I’ve been in the hobby a couple of years now. Well, probably around 8 years of keeping fish generally, but gone for the planted tank in the last 3 years. I’ve watched so many YouTubers, and gravitated towards the likes of George Farmer, Green Aqua and MD Fishtanks as I find their content and creations awe inspiring.

one piece of advice I got from one of the American YouTubers (I think Ben O’Chart) was to get as big a tank as you can afford for the space you have, so not to get tank envy and just end up upgrading in the near future anyway.

I took this advice a bit to literally and went for a monster planted tank. Though it has its challenges it’s my absolute pride and joy.
I’ve had the tank for 2 years now and still learning and tweaking to this day! Hopefully engage with you friendly bunch to discuss and improve my methods and results!

I’m currently undergoing a major rescape, but this is my most recent scape at it’s prime:


speak soon.

Nathan from Manchester