Hello Everyone (new High Tech Tank)


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Feb 11, 2021
Chelmsford essex
Hello everyone
So I found this forum by a link in George farmers book and really wanted to be part of a community and share my experiences and gain more knowledge from fellow aquascapers.
I have keeped a variety of tanks in the past starting with a 125 litre community setup,moving on to a 500 litre central American cichlid tank( red devil, jaguar cichlid) thay were great fish with a big personality ,I then moved on to a saltwater reef tank which was shut down two years ago. All of this was over a 12 year period.And now I am in the process of cycling a new aquascape, George's book really helped with the setup,plant choice and co2. And I look forward to making a journal about the tank soon, I'm so happy to be back into the hobby again and can not wait to get stuck in.:)