Hello All, Here's My Two Planted Tanks.


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May 18, 2019
vail, co
Hello all. I've been in the hobby since I was 10 (now 32). I've been active in some other forums but somehow just now stumbled on this one. Not sure how I've never heard of or stumbled on this forum so far. Anyways I currently have a 55 gallon and 20 long pictured below.

The 55 has no co2. One Beamswork DA 6500K led on for 8 hours a day from 9 am-12pm, off, then back on from 5-10 pm. I also have a Beamswork DA 10000K led on from 5-9 pm. Substrate is just pool filter sand with NilocG root tabs. I use NilocG ThriveC twice weekly. Excel 3 times a week. 60% water change weekly. Two Cascade 1000 canister filters and an Aquatech HOB for good measure. Stocking is 7 Keyhole Cichlids, 12 Harlequin Rasboras, 12 Peppered Cory's, 1 Bolivian Ram, 1 Rio-Negro Pleco. 7 Nerite Snails. No Idea how many Ghost Shrimp. At least 13 they've been breeding successfully surprisingly.

The 20 long I literally just threw together a few days ago. It's been running underneath my 55 as a quarantine/hospital tank. It's made up of trimmings from the 55, driftwood and other equipment I had laying around. I scaped it out of boredom then wound up putting a betta in it. It's more to play around with scaping than it is for keeping fish.....for now.