Heads Up Guys ... Zebra Mussels Found In Marimo Balls Sold By Petco!!


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Oct 16, 2011
Sacramento, CA
Saw this on FB and am sharing it everywhere I can think of as Petco is a huge organization and we all ship things ourselves so even though this is in Oregon - it can SO EASILY be anywhere within a week! Please share this to any fish or tank keeping groups so folks can be on the look out and help prevent them from entering other waterways.

It is my understanding that the larval stage they can be free swimming, so water changes could spread them:

Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council

There has been a troubling sighting report from Seattle. A pet store employee has been finding zebra mussels attached and inside moss balls sold as aquarium plants. The significant danger is these moss balls are being distributed across the U.S. We are asking that you please check out your local pet stores here in Oregon to see if they are selling “Betta Buddy” brand moss balls.

Please contact Rick Boatner immediately (503-947-6308; [email protected]) if you find any.



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Apr 10, 2018
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Thanks Alyssa.
Many of us won't use FB, but searching on these words confirms this from multiple sources.

zebra mussels betta buddy moss balls