HD video vs pictures for judging contest

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
This has long been a torn in many people's side. Our local club (SFAS) as well as many other local clubs have long done Home Shows. A group from the club comes out and videos each member's entry and then maybe puts it to music or what not. This was common and done often prior to digital cameras......video is now just as common as digital cameras might have been say 10 years ago, maybe more due to smart phones and the video there. Low quality.......but still, the cost has come down and good video art is not something to sniff at.

Erik Olsen got me thinking as he videoed most things on the trip to WA and also to BC Canada.

While aquarist can alter and edit video, it is much harder to mess with it than photo shopping pictures. We cannot judge or tell a whole lot about the tank either.

A good video of the tank, the equipment, the fish, what problems it might have or not.......is much more useful, information via the web than say a pic. I have a water proof video camera, but have little time to spend, maybe motivation......but I am getting much closer to having the motivation.:p

Tom Barr


CL_;55636 said:
Tom, I'd love to see a video of one, if not all of your tanks :D
Same here- That would be cool, you first then us


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Apr 2, 2007
i think that is where competitions like the NBAT do it right. the judges come to your house and rate your setup personally, from the wiring, to the tidiness of your cabinet to its sustainability of the setup and health of both fish and plants. they can even ask to test your water parameters. to become a judge you need to pass an exam and complete a couple years worth of training, so they take this pretty seriously.

i know this isn't practical for international contests or even in a large country like the US but i agree Tom, an accompanying video along with the photos, would go a long way to help judge competitions and rule out photoshopping winners...