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Hc Dsm Problems

Discussion in 'Emmersed / Wabi Kusa' started by King_Fuzz, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. King_Fuzz

    King_Fuzz New Member

    Jan 3, 2021
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    2:54 AM
    Hello, I know there are tons of threads about DSM HC. I've looked at countless threads but can't seem to get an answer for my particular scenario. I started a DSM in my 12g long. I've done a DSM with HC and EWC before and had outstanding results.

    The problem I'm having is if I mist too much I get the white cottony mold/fungus (not sure what it is exactly). It seems like if I mist too little the plants dry up and most of them seem to be dying off. I've tried 100% covered, no cover, and almost every other way imaginable. I went ahead and ordered another tissue culture to restart. I plan on doing a short DSM with the new plants as I do have a Co2 system and have read that DSM is sort of pointless with unlimited Co2 access. But I want to avoid mold/fungus and the drying up for the first week while the plants get rooted. What am I doing wrong? I tried H202 and that seemed to kill the cottony invader, but I really slowed down on misting water to avoid it.

    HC Cuba Tissue culture
    12g Long
    Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CC on 11 hours(possible problem?)
    ADA Amazonia

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