have i got too much lph for discuss fish


Junior Poster
Dec 29, 2008
i have a planted 260l tank that i have just set up 7 weeks ago ,i am going to put discuss fish in soon, my filtration a fluval 305 lph 1000 ,i have a koralia 2 ,lph is 2300,i have recently had to introduce a reactor to keep my co2 levels up,but to run the reactor iv had to run it with a 1000 lph pump to get it to run proper i tried a 400 lph pump but it was not powerful another, so i have quiet a lot of flow in there.my question is....do i have too much flow in there to put the discuss fish in there will it stress them out..question 2 ...could i run the reactor of the fluval 305,my problem is the hoses are to big to run in to the reactor can u bye some sort of adapter....:rolleyes: