Hair algae stratagies


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Jan 18, 2009
Bellingham Wa
Ive got lots of hair algae.
-Tank has been set up for about 10 days.
-Dosing strict EI for a 15gal tank.
-Ive increased c02. Drop checker (4kh) yellow no hint of green. Diffuser mists into the suction for my ehiem canister. There is so much c02 now it doesnt dissolve completely anymore, and every 30 seconds or so the Ehiem burps a large burst of c02 into the tank. I have very good water current to every part of the tank. (Ehiem, koralia, red sea over the back filter)
-Doing 50% water changes every four days and dosing back nutrients at a +25% increase for this size tank.
-Dosing back 1/4 tsp seachem equilibrium during water changes.
-Dosing 1/2 capfull sechem flourish on micro days.

I have to much light. 2x36 PC 5700k and 1000k on this 15g long tank.
-next step is to remove the 1000k bulb and decrease photo period to 8hours, Or considering floating plants.

-I cant completely rule out c02, because my fish ( 5 otto's, 3 white clouds, 8 amono shrimp) have never shown any signs of stress. I just cant get anymore c02 into this tank? I expected to start gassing fish when at 3-4 bubbles per second? The fish are fine and the tank is a whirlpool of c02 bubbles sprayed around by the koralia and eheim.

-Or its just a new tank and will settle down once thing balance out.
Am I on the right track?
Thanks again -Jon