Hach DR890 - willing to loan out


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Sep 23, 2007
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Hi all,

I have Hach DR890 meter that I bought awhile back used and am embarrased to say that I have not used it :eek:

In defence I plead that I am now experienced enough for MY SETUP to guage fish, plants, and overall tank health to determine what is going on.

I find simple EI using simple teaspoons dumped in a cup of water, stirred, and dumped in the tank the easiest dosing scheme in the world. I find I no longer CARE what the actual values are, and maybe as I no longer really have issues.. Is there a correlation there??? lol

PAR was another matter and I am still trying to justify purchasing a c02 meter..


So, I would be willing to ship/lend it to SOME members, or to fish clubs, etc. This is a case by case basis.

I would not like it to be out more than 2-4 weeks (even though I don't use it) and would than like it returned. Just do not send back COD! I feel that is sufficient time but am willing to extend for clubs.

I just ask repayment for the shipping out, take care of it well, and I am unsure about shipping it out of the country.

I will insure it during shipping and ask that others do the same.

I can supply the meter and two of the measurement vials, but all other testing equipment is supplied BY YOU.

Please PM me if interested.


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Jun 21, 2009
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Good Idea

Hi Gerry,

You are the nicest guy. :)

A great idea, I have seen it tried a time or two, if it works out I have a few pieces of test equipment, I would be willing and able to part with.

I think I would like to see a little more formality. Perhaps we (and when I say “we,” I of course mean you), could figure a way to run this thing and keep track. I think there are probably enough members (subscribers?) to help move various equipment around a given area or region. Some of the equipment I have might take a little serious effort to learn and understand.

In addition, in some cases there are expendables that go along with the actual testing. ;)

ORP meters are good example of something that is cheap to use, but requires an amount of care, in particular the probes. I have two ORP meters and a pen I might well be willing to share with subscribers anyway, if a structure is developed.

I wonder if other members of the esteemed Plant Guru Team might wish to weigh in on this. :)

I think as a matter of good faith the parties should pay up front for round trip shipping, including insurance as appropriate, easily done with UPS and I think FedEx and any supplies required. :)