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GSA on aquasoil. Add phosphate?

Discussion in 'Algae Control' started by versa, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. versa

    versa New Member

    Apr 15, 2014
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    6:29 PM
    So its clear that i need to dose some po4.
    My levels are at 0 and i need to get them up to eliminate some GSA thats been on my substrate since the dry start.

    Other than this algae (which isnt spreading or disappearing) everything is doing great.
    Manual removal is going to be a real pain because it's under a lot of HC, so im hoping balancing my ferts should take care of this issue.

    I have some dry KH2PO4 on hand and want to mix up a solution. Around 1-2ppm is what my phosphate should be at if i remember correctly?
    I should also add that i just started dosing tropicas premium liquid fert. It seems to have everything except for phosphate and nitrate, and i got plenty of nitrate at the moment.

    I plugged the target into wets fert calculator and it gave me this:
    "To reach your target of 2.0 ppm PO4 you will need to add 14.464 g KH2PO4 to your 500.0 mL dosing container. Add 15.0 mL of that mix to your 40.0 US gal aquarium to yield"
    How would you go about this? Split the 15ml dose up into 3 5ml doses and dose every other day?

    My current specs are (Here is my journal for more info -

    -Aquasoil complete system with power sand and additives
    -Eheim 2078
    -co2 at 5bps
    -ati sunpower 6x39W photo period is 6 hrs total but only at 100% for 3 hrs

    Nitrates are over 20ppm
    0 phosphate though

    View attachment 5268
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