Greetings From Cleveland


New Member
Aug 25, 2020
Cleveland, OH

I’m Max, and I really enjoy having aquariums in my house. I’ve got two currently, a 40b in my living room with Cardinal tetras, with a black neon and glow light in their senior years, as well as a few cories and a fleet of Otos. It’s a medium light, high tech tank. My second tank, which I keep in my bedroom, is a 20 long that houses a group of celestial pearl danios, some Amano shrimp, a couple surviving red cherry shrimp, some nerite snails, and a whole mess of Malaysian trumpet snails.

I love getting super invested in my hobbies, of which I have quite a few, and really getting to learn a lot of the ins and outs that most people like to avoid. I’ve always known enough to be dangerous with aquatic plants, but I’ve only had moderate success. I’m here to learn lots of little details to help with that. I look forward to talking with you all!