Greetings from Austin, TX

Russ S

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Jan 5, 2022
Austin, TX
I am looking forward to learning and perhaps trading with the group. I raised guppies as a young child, then got back into the hobby in college. By the mid 80's I was in graduate school, had 200 gallons of aquariums in my kitchen and was growing plants using CO2 via the "Dupla" method. Having been an integral part of a large and active aquarium society, I have an appreciation for collaboration and comradery and look forward to sharing and learning.
We got back into the hobby after Covid hit. Rather than going big, I am trying to keep my tanks small and very high-tech. My focus is on plants with a few shrimp, some chilli raspboras and a few Scarlett Badis currently. I will post pics in the logs.
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