Greetings Fellow Aquafriends....


New Member
Aug 17, 2020
Brooklyn NY
Just a quick hello.... been reading the forums here, tpt and a few others over the past few months. Fishkeeping for over 35 years but plants were limited to a few swords, vals and anacharis in a discus tank I kept for about half a decade. Currently have one 40B hi energy or hightec, whatever the trendy term is.... a 15 gal flex low tech and about to set up a grow out tank as I have equipment for it just sitting in a closet burning my daily for not being used. Live in brooklyn, work in Manhattan. The world is a whole new place, hope everone is healthy and safe. Blown away by peoples creativity and dedication in this endeavor. Thank you for your time and look forward to continuing my research and hope to learn far more from you than you from me...