Green Hair Algae


Jul 8, 2018
Ok so I've been doing alot of reading and keep coming to two main reasons. Low nitrates and low c02. I'm running an ADA Mini M (5.5g) using the ADA Aquasky g (13w?). I've got pressurized co2 currently at right over 2 bps. I've been fighting GHA for some time, it started right after my plants really started to flourish, I've got full glosso carpet and a ton of stems (Rotala species and Myriophyllum). Anytime I up my co2 to 3bps, my fish are unaffected but my amano shrimp turn on their backs. I know for a fact it's due to the co2 because they are fine other wise. I've been dosing ADAs Nitrogen at 1ml per day. Don't really know what that equates to but once the co2 was theoretically too high I started to dose 2 pumps a day.

I know I should have test kits and that most folks go with EI on here but I'm just looking to keep stuff simple and wondering what kind of advice you guys might have.

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