Green Algae Under Silicone-reseal ?

Shashank N K

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Mar 9, 2020
Bengaluru India

I new here and just signed up today. I've had a planted tank for a while now (2+ years) which had a bad algae outbreak a year or so ago. It was mainly BBA and Green Algae, it took me a while before I could get the algae under control. However, while working on the tank a few days ago I noticed that some Green Algae has seeped under the inner silicone layer and is quite close to the seam holding the two glass panes.

I've attached a few pics of one such spot and have about 3 such spots where the front glass meets the side glass, no issues with the back glass at and also the silicone seam holding the glass panes has zero bubbles or signs of seepage as can be seen in the pic.

I've tried to clean it using a blade but its hard to get at and i'm worried it may damage the silicone further.

Tank 1.jpg

Tank 2.jpg

My questions are
  • Will this cause a leak eventually ? I've read that the inner layer is only just insurance and as long as the outer layer shows no signs of damage its safe
  • If it will cause a leak in future, should I just do a reseal now than wait for signs of seepage ?
  • If I do need to reseal, can I scrape off the inner layer alone and reapply leaving the silicone holding the glass panes as it is ?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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