Glosso and Drystart


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Mar 12, 2009
The greatly extended DSM phase of my 48 gal is coming to an end. I'm filling the tank today or tomorrow. Everything went along spectacularly; a little BGA was the worst of it, which was easily taken care of.

The only real exception has been the glosso. A couple of cold snaps at night and I'd say about 50% of its once perfect carpet has rotted out in a horrific chain reaction. The HC, Elatine triandra, staurogyne and Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides all handled it relatively well; some browning, slight losses, etc. but the glosso is a mess. Removing dead plant material helped to slow things, turning the heat up made things a little better, but it really turned out to be sensitive to cold. I've also noticed in general that when glosso starts to autofragment while emersed, it doesn't stop easily.

When I do another DSM with glosso, I will be investing in a terrarium heater and thermostat.