giant vallis for swaps (UK only)


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Jan 30, 2006
Hi All,

I've got some giant vallis (maybe 2 or 3 plants) that I am looking to swap for something else (not interested in selling).

The leaves are between 1 and 3 ft long (it's hard to tell exactly how long before pulling them out, which I haven't done yet, but can do before finalising any swap)

It's a good plant for filling up a tank quickly. I bought 3 plants, and after a couple of months of getting established they grow and reproduce quite quickly. 6 months on and I just gave away 9 plants to a friend last week, all except one had leaves 3ft long.

I'd particularly like echinodorus tenellus, taiwanese moss, or the pink strain of hygrophila, but am open to most other offers (except common amazon sword or common java fern which I have plenty of)...