Getting dry ferts into the tank?


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Dec 28, 2009
So as I complete my move from Seachem to DIY Dry dosing I initially felt I would be mixing up solutions of the stuff and dosing via a little dripper I had set up just like I was with the SeaChem Products.

However I am finding that some of the dry stuff doesn't go/stay in solution very well, it clogs my dripper, stuff grows in it, blah blah yuchh!

So then I see Mr Barr just dumps it in dry, perhaps a little messy oh well.... But my fish seem to think all of the stuff floating around is food and keep trying to eat it.

While it sounds like many are using the dry dump method with no ill's it makes me a little bit nervous. So I am thinking of getting a little tiny HOB filter and using it to dump in the dry stuff and let it dissolve mix and pump into the tank that way.



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Mar 12, 2009
As Left C said, premix. It's dangerous not to.

If you want a hand with mixing stock solutions in a little bit more of a stable way, you can message me.


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Oct 22, 2008
Leesburg VA USA
I mix dry ferts in my water change and top off water and pour it in. I've added it dry in the past but the fish would try to eat it. After they would get a taste, they would spit it out. None of my fish suffered from it but, it was nerve racking.