German Co2 System & External Reactor


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Mar 6, 2008
Hi All

Hope you can help :)

I am looking into purchasing a Co2 system for my fluval vicenza 180 - There is a German seller on ebay and I have heard good things about their systems, however, is the Reactor thats provided any good ?

CO2-Complete System+magnetic valve+Reactor/500g bottle on eBay, also Cleaning Water Treatments, Fish, Pet Supplies, Home Garden (end time 07-Mar-08 10:50:06 GMT)

If possible, I wanted to use the reactor as it comes with it - However, I also need to purchase an external pump to run it as the Fluval Vicenza tanks have the filter intake/outlet going straight through the base of the tank, so I cant put the reactor easily inline.

Could anyone let me know if the reactor is any good, and what kind of pump I will need to power it (if you have an example it would be great!) Im not sure on how fast the flow should be, some have said it depends what model reactor you use so does anyone have any experience with this setup?

Thanks in advance,