Galaxy Rasbora and PH


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Jan 18, 2007

I recently bought 17 Galaxy Rasbora from my L.F.S (as mentioned in past posts) Unfortunately they came down with a mouth fungus and I lost 5. I believe this was probably due to the fact they were wild caught and associated factors/ stress. However while the L.F.S replaced the fish I lost they also suggested lowering my PH slightly to simulate their natural conditions and due the fact they were kept around 6.8 PH at the shop.

My PH is currently around 7.0- 7.5. It was suggested I lower the PH to 6.5/ 6.8 using JBL toumec activ peat extract within the filter. Can anyone give my any advice on this course of action? Could the taint to the water of this extract affect my plant growth/ light levels? Or have any other adverse affects? I have also heard the change in PH with each water change can have an adverse affect.

When first introduced to my tank the fish settled down well with no signs of distress that would lead my to believe the water conditions were adverse to them. The remaining fish have coloured up and are interacting well.

Advice welcome


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Feb 24, 2009
I believe their native waters are commonly in the slightly alkaline range. Even if they weren't your pH shouldn't be a problem for them - they're danios (more or less), after all.


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Nov 21, 2007
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My water is typically in the 7.6 range -- no problems with the galaxies. They are really tough little guys as far as water conditions go. I have had them in the full ranges of pH (6.0 - 7.8) and temperature (75° - 86°) and hardness (8GH - over 30GH). I've never lost even one (knock on wood) in an entire year! I'm sure yours had the fungus before you got them -- I seriously doubt that it was caused by your pH. You are more likely to cause your galaxies (and other critters) problems by jerking the pH around with chemicals.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
They have been breeding the heck out of these in Singapore, they are easy to breed.

They came in bad shape, they are very tough fish really.
KH, not pH is what you should focus on, it's 5 KH or less, you are fine.........

I have them etc.

Tom Barr