Fungi On Egeria


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Mar 10, 2020

I'm new to this forum. I promise I'll get around to posting an introduction one of these days;)

Yesterday I spotted some (what looks to be) fungi on some of my submersed plants, and I was hoping someone here might have experience with that.

(see attached image) It looks like a fungi attacking the living tissue of my Egeria densa. I have E. najas standing right next to them, and they seem unaffected (so far). No other plants in the tank are affected (so far). It looks a little like the white, hairy mold you sometimes find on food gone bad. I can clearly see the individual hairs (hyphae?) sticking out.

The tank is about 2 months old, stocked with plants from day one, added rcs and ramshorn snails a week ago (both look healthy).

The fungi appeared over the last 2 days.

I change 30% water every 5-7 days, I use rainwater.

It's a 30L tank, running a small box filter, no heater, running CO2 at about 20ppm., 8 hours of light.


Are there aquarium safe fungicides available?

Do you think my other plants are in danger? (affected stems have been removed for now)

I hope y'all got some good advice for me, thank you and have a great day.
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