FS: Victor PB reg and ADA 30C



Single stage high purity CO2 reg that I outfitted for paintball CO2. Decided to keep my mini m low tech after all (plus I need the money haha). It is labeled at "Liquid" brand, but it is actually a rebranded victor. The smudges on the gauges are just glue residue from stickers, which can be removed with goo- gone/ goof off or something similar. No solenoid needed because you can either run it 24/7, or use the on/ off knob (on the left) to act as a manual solenoid. All you need is a bubble counter (though, I don't use one), a needle valve, check valve and a diffusion method. This thing is heavy duty and weighs a lot, so you'd probably need to make a holder for your paintball cylinder or something to prevent it from tipping.
I'm asking $65 plus $10 for shipping via priority flat rate box.
If you want to convert this to fit a standard CO2 cylinder, just unscrew the fitting on the right and replace it with a CGA- 320 fitting, and you're all set.



I am also selling my ADA 30C. I need to cut back the number of tanks I have by at least one before getting another. The ADA sticker has been removed, but the tank is still the same. There might be a couple of very small scratches on the glass, but I have totally forgotten where they are and can't find them for the life of me. $40 plus actual shipping cost.

Barrreport subscribers can get the reg for $55 (what I have invested in it) Plus shipping

My PP account doesn't allow me to accept cc payments.

Both sold.
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