FS: Pink Ovalis, Red Pantanal, (Very rare) Crypt aponogelifolia, Elatine hydropiper

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Pink Ovalis: 5 stems for 35$ shipped

Red pantanal: 6 very nice stems: 40$ shipped

Crypt aponogetiifolia, very rare, nice larger bullated leaves, green, roughly 20-30" long, spreads well by runners, does well in both cO2 and non CO2 enriched tanks: 2 young plants: 40$ shipped. Note, if you are Crypt keeper and decent, then I'll sell it to you. If you are just curious, no, let someone else who is pretty likely to propagate this plant to buy it. We need more people in the hobby to keep it and be able to offer it to others.

Elatine hydropiper. I've seen 10-20 nodes going for 30-40$ lately. This is 100% submersed growth, you get about 2-3x that amount(basically 1 square inch, a tad more) for 40$ shipped. Mind your weather, it does not like heat. Mine was grown at 83F, did not ever use soil, fish and shrimp can easily uproot it. So few if any fish/shrimp will help it become established.

PM with ship address asap if you want dibs.
No address? No dibs.