FS or FT: Corkscrew Vals and Java Moss


Junior Poster
Dec 7, 2007
I have got an excess of both.

Java Moss:Grows great in low light, no co2. Add light and co2 and before know it you've got a forest

2 golf-almost-tennis ball sized bunches---$3/bunch + $4.60 flat rate Priority USPS

Corkscrew Vals: Perfect for DIY CO2. Looks Beautiful and Grows Quickly.

Multiple bunches

1 bunches represents 4 plantlets, each 3-6 inches long.
$3 bunch + $4.60 flat rate Priority USPS

All purchases will come with some Java Fern as well.

I'm willing to trade as well.

Almost any trade excepted except Vals, Swords, Ludwigia Repens, Java Moss.

I'm in the Bay Area, ship USPS Priority Mail, if it's below freezing where you are, might want to wait for shipping until it warms up a little.

PM me if you're interested.