FS:Ocean clear canister filters, virtually new, nice 6ft Coral life PC/HQI combo hood

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
I have 2 like new Ocean clear filters, one has a 100 micron cartridge and the other has the rigid mesh. These do not clog after 1-2 weeks.
65$ ea, ship is another 15$. New, they run 130-150$.
1/2 the cost for a near new item.

The coralife hood is awesome, I've just switched to all ATI's.
I used it in on my 180 for a while, but switched out the bulbs and have some real nice spare 8800K bulbs to go with it.
400$ and then I'll ship Greyhound to reduce cost(about 50$, this ends up being 1/2 the cost for a new hood which are no less than 1000$ on line).

I also have some nice lagae 1/4" wall 3" and 6" clear PVC pipe.
28" 6" and then 30" 3" and another piece or two.
Any reasonable offer.

Some 30" LED's lights. 30$ for both, good for a low light tank. Ship is about 10-15$
White 8000K.

PM with address.