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FS: Light Fixture, Autodoser and UV Sterilizer

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by khanzer22, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. khanzer22

    khanzer22 Junior Poster

    Mar 25, 2008
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    3:44 AM
    I need to sell a couple of aquarium stuff that I don't longer needed or no use for me at the moment...

    30" 4x24w AquaticLife T5HO Light Fixture with 2x1W Lunar Lights... $150 shipped ($120 Pickup)
    Used for 2 years, stored for 5mos, comes with mounting legs, used 2x 6K, 2x Roseatte and 1 new Zoomed daylight bulbs... Lunar lights are busted (need replacement) but otherwise 3 timer controls works perfectly...


    'The Sentry' Auto-Dosing Pump with Timer Control - $170 shipped USPS Priority ($155 Pickup)
    If you're looking for a 2 channel (1 for MACRO and 1 for Micro) autodoser, then here's what you're looking for! All info can be found here Comes with 1 NEW extra 2 channel tubing and 1 new flexible hose (in contact with the wheel)...


    24W Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer with Power Head - $50 shipped ($35 Pickup)
    NEW never used, only opened it to test if it's working (only the UV light, didn't submerge it in the water)...


    Payment method is through Paypal only (please do not send as GIFT) or cash for pickup... Items will be shipped by either UPS Ground or USPS Standard Post (for the lights and UV) just a heads up... For pickup, zip code is 06614...

    Thanks for looking, if you have question/s, please feel free to send me a message...
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