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FS: Large Plant Package

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by ShadowMac, May 14, 2012.

  1. ShadowMac

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    This plant cutting package is from several of my tanks. It has just about everything you would need to plant a fully planted 20 gallon tank. There are A LOT of plants in this package. (forgive my spelling, I did not feel like looking all of them up)

    20 or so stems blyxxa japonica, one bunch of 10 stems rotala macandra "green", large bunch 15-20 stems rotala singapore (lots of branching on these), 8 stems hygrophila difformis, 10-20 stems hygrophila pinnatifida, 1 large stem pogostemon stellatus "broad leaf", 7 stems pogostemon erectus, 3 stems bacopa caroliniana, baseball sized ball of long glossostigma elatinoides stems (perfect for planting), bunch of hydrocotyle verticillata, small ball of hydrocotyle sibthurpiodes, 4 amazon frogbit plants, 4 stems staurogyne repens, 1 stem Alternanthera reineckii, 2 small rhizomes of bolbitus, 1 small bunch hemianthus micrathemoides.

    I'm asking $50 shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!

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