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FS: IceCap 660 ballast

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by ShadowMac, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. ShadowMac

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    I used this ballast for about 14 months with no issues. It does not include the wiring harness. You can order a wiring harness from IceCap Inc or other online retailers. This ballast overdrives bulbs and puts out A LOT of light. It can be configured any number of ways and runs various bulbs, T5 HO's, VHO's, etc. Brand new the ballast runs around $155.


    I am asking for $75 shipped. I will throw in the endcaps I still have, I think I have 4. Enough for 2 bulbs.

    If you wire the ballast incorrectly you can ruin some internal fuse which will then require repair. Ice Cap is great about servicing its products, but I cannot cover wiring errors and take back a ballast that has been blown due to poor/incorrect wiring. If you follow the wiring diagrams provided on Ice cap's website and use a continuity checker to ensure things are wired correctly before turning it on/plugging it in you will be good to go. Continuity checkers are inexpensive and can be found at a hardware store. Because I will not take the ballast back if you broke it, I will help anyone who buys it get it wired up correctly. You could also consult Ice Cap's customer service instead. That being said, the ballast does have some safety features built in that prevent this problem from occurring. It will likely flicker and shutoff very quickly to prevent damage, so although damage from bad wiring is unlikely it is still a possibility.
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