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Yesterday I bought 13 black neons. I haven't had fish in quite a while, so I was pretty excited to finally get them. When I asked about ich and such they informed me they'd been at the store for quite a few weeks and shouldn't have any problems. As it turns out 4-5 are missing gill covers and 1 has a misshapen spine. Looking from above it looks anything but straight. Obviously I can't do much about the spinal issue, but is there anything I can do to help these guys regain their gill covers, will it cause issues down the road, etc?



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Jan 15, 2009
Missing gill covers are pretty common with the neon tetras. I'm not sure if it's aggression or not. I've not noticed any major issues with the ones that have it. Sadly I have yet to pay enough attention to them when I get them as they usually are too busy darting around the bag or the dealer tank. I suspect one or two of them just get attacked in the bag. I've also had some arrive missing an eye so it could just be them freaking out and beating on each other on the ride home. Keep an eye on the one with the bent spine, if it starts arching upwards I'd cull that one. I've found the upward arching deformity usually results in death soon after.



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Jun 21, 2009
Surprise, AZ
Something Toxic This Way Comes


Pictures can be deceptive but the gill seems rather red.

Ammonia toxicity comes to mind. At minimum, a 50% water change.

I would also check for stray voltage.