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Fish for planted 90G

Discussion in 'Fish for Planted Tanks' started by Mattjm20, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Mattjm20

    Mattjm20 Junior Poster

    Oct 21, 2013
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    3:52 AM
    Hi all,
    I'm planning a heavily planted 90G tank and would like your thoughts on fish -- everything from the composition, to the # in the tank. I'm not new to the aquarium hobby at all, but I've never had a tank of this size, nor the tech that will come with it. FYI, my pH will probably be around 6.5-7 (7 at most) and you can count on regular 25% water changes, and likely a Fluval 406 filter.

    I've always liked mostly south american fish, so here's what I'm thinking:

    - A few angelfish. I was thinking 2-4 of them, accounting for their max size as adults. I see these as the focal points of the tank (aside from the scape). Let me know how many you would do in this set up.

    - A schooling fish of some sort. I'm thinking rummynose tetras, lemon tetras, or possibly harlequin rasboras. I like the look of the Rummynose tetras and by all accounts they are great schoolers. More or less the same with lemons, although I've had them in the past so that is a bit less exciting. I love Harlequins, but I think it would always be in the back of my mind that they were from another continent. If you have an opinion between the three would love to hear that, as well as how many you'd put in the school. I was thinking at least 12-15 and maybe more later on as the tank cycles. (this is probably on the low end but I'm not used to having such a huge tank)

    - A few peruvian yellow laser corys (they have various "slang" names). Perhaps sterbais or pandas if the price is too high. At least six, maybe up to ten. Again, thoughts on school size or your favorite type of cory?

    - German blue rams. DEFINITELY want these, been waiting a long time on this one. The LFS recommended either getting 4 males so there were no females to compete for and territory issues or getting two pairs (not sure why he didn't say 4 females). I have had a few rams in the past but definitely would like input on how many and the right gender composition, etc. Idea would be to add these later on when tank is well cycled and plants are grown in.

    - Outside of plecos, which I'm scared will maul my plants, what algae eaters do you all recommend? I see a lot of talk about SAE's around the web, but honestly I've never owned them. I never was a fan but willing to reconsider if they actually have utility. I realize otto cats are also an option.

    - What shrimp would fare best in a tank with full sized angels? Would like to make sure they don't get snacked on :)

    - Finally, does it sound like this is too crowded for an Apisto Cacatouides or two?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can provide!
  2. jerrybforl

    jerrybforl Lifetime Members
    Lifetime Member

    Mar 7, 2010
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    3:52 AM
    For algae eaters, you can go with bushy nose plecos, clown plecos, or rubber lipped pleco. The SAEs get big and aggressive.

    Ottos are always a favorite to clean up algae. For shrimp, you should go with Amanos. They are bigger than pretty much everything, and they eat algae well. Gold tetras are very nice as well and also cardinals. Just look at GerryDs 220!

    I've been looking at some nice cories that I want to get about six or so. I will either be the bandits or the pandas. I also have a nice large school of trilineatus cories that is very nice in my 75.

    As far as the cichlids go, I would go with one or the other. Not sure why they told you to get four males only. I think they will still get territorial. I would get six or so and keep the pairs. You can also use kribs or acaras.

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