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May 28, 2022
United States
Hi folks.

I have a 24 Gallon tank that is about 60P that is heavily planted. All the plants are finally taking root, although I'm working through challenges with different melting and balancing my fertilization, lighting, and CO2. it's like a dance getting things right. Anyway, I put a nice bunch of Amanos and Cherry shrimp in the tank about a week ago which are making fast work of the algae that sprung up right after the tank cycled. They all seem really happy in there.

I have also been monitoring my ammonia levels/nitrites/nitrates. All the toxic stuff is down to 0 PPM and now it seems like my plants are eating whatever Nitrates are left in the tank by the shrimp (still at 0PPM after a week between water changes), so I'm pretty comfortable getting the fish in there.

I'll be looking at first putting a nice school of Espei Rasboras in shortly. Probably 8-12. Then, depending on how well things are doing when the tank fully matures, I'm considering a feature fish like a small apistogramma. But that will be a bit later down the line. Right now my shrimp are all munching solely on the Algae and leftover plant matter, but I'm going to need to get some food for them and the "Lambchops" at some point soon. So if possible, I'd appreciate some solid fish food recommendations for the:

1) Espei Rasboras
2) shrimp (cherry & amano)
3) apistogramma

Thanks y'all.