Fert Dosing Help

Abe Caldwell

New Member
Mar 9, 2018
Traverse City, MI
Was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I have a lightly planted tank that i used to be much more ambitious with. I used to use the greenleaf pps system and injected co2. Then I lowered my lighting and stopped dosing and using co2 just didnt have the time anymore.
So my question pertains to maybe dosing once a week with no co2 added. I have a 37 gallon with a fluval u4 underwater filter, and a 30in beamswork high lumen led light. It has 128 7500k leds and 32 blue moonlight leds. I have both lights on for 8 and half hours and leave the blue on for three hours after that for some night time viewing of my cory cats and bn plecos. I have the dry ferts still from making my own pps in the past. I am curious at how I could go about just dosing dry ferts maybe once a week with no co2 to boost my plant growth some. I dont necessarily want it to grow like a jungle that it used to be, but as of now my plants are very stagnant with a little hair algae on them but not much so im not worried about the algae so much. I keep my nitrates between 20-40 and never have any nitrites or ammonia. My PH is kinda high usually in the high 7s around 7.8 to 8. but it has always been this high and has never seemed to bother any fish or plant.
So with all of that said is there a plan that anyone has used or is using that i could base mine off of. I know every tank is different and obviously i will play with the amounts a bit to get the best for my certain circumstance. but does anyone out there dose once a week and not add any co2 and if so what are your suggestions and or dos and donts? Thank you to anyone willing to lend me their aid. heres a pic of my current tank setup