Feeding Cherry Shrimp


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Jan 23, 2005
Houston, Tx.
In a heavily planted tank do you really need to feed cherry shrimp or is there enough for them to eat from the fish food that falls to the bottom tank and algae?
I asked this question here because I wanted an answer with some thought to it, not just somebody getting upset because I'm not feeding my shrimp just right.
I have a small pond at my home with some goldfish in it and I haven't fed them in 5 years and they are big and healthy. I'm not saying it's the same but I would like for the shrimp to clean up the extra food and not put extra in there if that's possible.


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Aug 19, 2010
Hi Bill,

I have a 29 gal loaded with plant's and prolly close to a hundred and fifty cherry shrimp,along with twenty cardinal tetra's.
I feed the fish once every other day and shrimp's just keep multiplying.
Must be getting enough food from that which the cardinal's miss.
Sometimes I let the fish go for a couple day's without food and then on third day,, I feed some pellet food to the shrimp's at night, (Ocean nutrition's formula two marine pellet or New life spectrum)
Don't think they need food every day, or at least not from what I have observed, but would offer them food 's :moon:
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