Fantastic Use Of Echinodoras Sp. In The Aquarium.


Nov 28, 2019
Hayward ca.
If you've ever watched the many videos of crystal clear waters of the rivers of the Pantanal in Brasil,you would recognize how much this aquariums plantings look just like it...dense growths of colorful Echinodorus species. i know these are not the exact same plants as the maker of those vids said he didn't think those exact sword plants were collected into the trade. But the look here is much the same..just use South American fish and it's the Pantanals sunny blue waters.
I don't think you will find another aquarium as original as this use of Sword plants on the internet. Makes me wish I had my old low 6' 100 gallon glass tank.
Even 'scape shows..they follow Amano. Thumbs up to the creator.
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