Extra Lights for Nano Tank


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Jan 15, 2009
A couple of options. Walmart has a cheap desklamp socket that Edge users have been cannibalizing and then using a 10W coralife PC bulb on. They zip tie that onto the light bar and use that. Pretty decent spread but it's another cord and might not be the safest option if you aren't careful as it's a full 120 volts. You can look into some of the LED replacement lamps with the MR11 sockets. MR11 sockets are what the stock edge unit comes with unless they've changed the lighting around since I bought mine. You'll want the surface mount LEDs for this and not the 5mm ones. You can get some of the MR16 LED replacement lamps for this as well. You then either need to modify the sockets on the lightbar or buy replacement sockets which are cheap. If you go the LED or bulb replacement route do NOT exceed the 10W per bulb rating on the power supply. Users on other forums have done so and blown out the power supply. Of the options, the LED replacement lamps are probably the easiest/safest to start with just because you don't have a 120 volt path inches away from open water. Given the salt water aspect, make sure to hit the LED bulbs with a clear spray sealer as I've seen photos of ones that corroded.

You can also go all out and replace the lighting with a custom heatsink and Cree LED setup, but that's going to run some money and falls firmly into the DIY range so you're looking at a project involving time and $$$. But the few I've seen are very nice.

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Apr 20, 2011
On the basis of the research work I have to concluded that The cube will contain just about everything you need except a heater, thermometer & something to clean the glass. You might want to add an extra Ph for circulation There are a number of names for the cubes depending on manufacturer - aqua-pod, biol-cube,NANO cube - basically all the same thing.The upgrade kits they sell aren't going to increase the lighting much unless you take the top off completely & get a MH light.


Whats the size of the nano? I just got a vendor that makes LED lights for nano and small tanks. I am waiting for it to come in next week. PM me and I will send you some pics, but they are finally making this stuff, although hardly anyone carries it.


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Jun 15, 2009
I should have updated this thread sorry.

i sourced some CREE Led's that fitted straight into the fluval edge lighting bar. Look awesome and are super bright.

Good old ebay!



Nice. Take a pic please and post it. As soon as I get more info I'll post
Thebstuff I sent you