External Filter


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Apr 20, 2006
Hi Tom,
I am about to take the Juwel Box filter out of my tank and replace it with the external one.
But I am not sure which brand to chose...

And how many liters/per hour would you use for a planted 180 liters/48 gal long?

I would like a filter that doesn't make much sound, if possible.

Thanks Tom.
Kind regards, Dusko.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
250-450 GPH ought to do fine.

Rena, Ehiem, Via Aqua, maybe some others that you folks have in that region are all pretty good filters and really quiet.

I'm very much a person that likes visual and audio aesthetics outside the tank.
You might consider drilling the tank and putting bulk heads in there and plumbing the tank under so that no hoses are seen.

I have an ADA 60x45x45 tank that I'm drilling here soon and I'm using 2 x 350 Via Aqua's on, they run about 200gph, and the tank is about 32 gal.

One filter uses zeolite, then sponge and purigen. Post mazzei CO2.
The other is zeolite then sponge then micro filter. Post hydro in line heater.

I use a 1/2" bulk with a 1/2" Tee for intake and return using one hole per pair, rather than drilling 4 separate holes. Since the diameter is only 3/8" for the filters, 1/2" allows good passage of water for two filters.

I have no tubes inside the tank, no heater, no noise, plenty of current, can clean one filter and let the other be so not to disturb the bacteria colonies etc, very little items to clean etc(eg, no ADA glass ware which is also fairly breakable as I have learned the hard way, as well as algae/bacteria films that gets inside of their tubing).

Tom Barr