Excellent on line book for Toxicity and fish health

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
In searching for some nice references on toxicity in fish:

Target Organ Toxicity in Marine and ... - Google Book Search

There is an excellent diagram folks should look at that keep fish and shrimp:figure 1.5.

Now considering the effects of high CO2 and NH3, and low O2 that many often have, then complain they cannot add enough CO2............

What might occur when the partial pressure of that oh so insoluble O2 drops just a little bit relative to NH4/CO2? This is key question and you may read this to understand better why fish hyper ventilate when we add higher CO2 under low O2 situations.

Adding higher current and allowing the CO2 to off gas will help, adding some rippling, but not breaking the surface also can exchange and stabilize the O2, and the CO2 injection system can evenly and stably be adjusted to compensate for the minor loss of CO2. The added stable higher O2 will also help process NH4 faster and reduces fish stress. Higher current will exchange CO2/nutrients better, dislodge algae, keep the mulm from accumulating.

However, give this book a read.
I did not realize it was on line, so there you go!

Tom Barr