Excellent artiucle on decomposition of aquatic plant leaves in relation to bacteria


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Apr 15, 2007
current effects of global warming

A dry spell has lowered the water level dramatically in the Okefenokee Swamp, raising the danger of wildfires and forcing alligators to crowd into the deeper pools in search of fish. Weeks of below-normal rainfall have lowered the Okefenokee swamp's water level by about 1.3 feet and reduced the flow in two rivers -- the St. Marys and the Suwannee -- that originate in the swamp. This is an example of global warming in one instance.
But how is it going to affect our enviornment?Because of this warming trend, there is some concern among many that we are seeing the beginning of something particularly dangerous, even catastrophic on the horizon that we might be able to prevent by changing our lifestyles. we'll see the oceans rise due to melting ice caps, causing coastal areas to be taken over by flooding. due to the increased warming, areas that are presently livable will become deserts and in turn we will lose cropland and lose food production.Some even warn increased pests as cold winters do not kill as many off, others note that pollution will be worse in hot cities, and that we will see more hurricanes and deadly storms.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Generally GW will help swamps, they grow faster at warmer temps.
They are not limited by water. Some will dry up(Africa/SA), some will form and/or become wetter. Deforestation etc and many other human induce development/overpopulation issues are part of the problem there, GW is a much larger scale process that cannot be undone and restored except on the scale of several thousands, of years and we will not see these present CO2 levels for about a million years. Basically, the oceans will absorb the excess CO2..............but it'll take millions of years to reduce it.

So we screw ourselves the most, the planet shall keep growing and evolving long after we are gone. Some things will perish, some will not and fill in and take their place.

Sadly, approaching the resources on earth like a parasite, what happens to a parasite when you kill the host? How do you change people? I really see less hope there, but perhaps things might change, but I know it will get much worse before a lot of that will change.

Some clown scientist might argue that GW is really happening, but I remember the same thing when they said Smoking did not cause Cancer(Even Bob Dole argued he was not sure not that long ago about that issue when questioned point blank about it:rolleyes: , but who gave large sums and raised Tobacco in home state?). You can pay some poor fool to say just about anything. Does not mean he's remotely close to being right or is not telling plain lies for $ and spreading doubt in the face of strong evidence to the contrary without any support, just semantic "doubt". The TV talking heads do this all day long, it's their business and the game they play.

Anyone can place doubt into any study, any topic, anywhere, anytime.
Confusing an issue is bad method of debate, but it is effective for many folks on the fence. It's also done a fair amount in this hobby, as well as religion and politics to a much larger degree.

Critical thinking can carry you far and through all that.
But we all fall prey to the onslaught and let our guard down.

I'm just trying to nab back some of the wetlands via restoration projects in CA for my part.

Tom Barr