excel corner tank


Feb 16, 2007
Hi tom
I have a 150 ltr corner co2 tank I am converting to an excel(1/3 EI) tank to slow down the fantastic growth I've been getting. Centre piece plant is a Spatterdock(nuphar japonica) with thin leaved microsporum growing out of tree root and foreground is hairgrass with crypts along sides of tank and into front corners.
I currently have a 2x24w T5 in the middle and a 39w T5 at front .
My question is this. Could I do without the front light and go with just the 48 watts of T5 from the middle of the tank.The tank is 20inches high. That works out at approx 1.3w/g over the centre and I guess significantly less in the front corners which extend beyond the length of the 2ft T5s.
I know the crypts will be fine but wondering if there will be enough light for the spatterdock and hairgrass.
Also do you think that 1.5 times the excel dosing will harm the thin leaved java fern.
Any feedback would be appreciated.