Enriching my sediment for use with the Dry Start Method


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Jun 21, 2012
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Hello everyone;

Given that my CO2 system likely won't be operational for a few weeks, I intend to use the Dry Start Method to start my foreground plants; I'm going to plant some HC and hairgrass.

I have read Tom's posts and researched on how to implement the DSM most effectively. However, I am still a little unsure about fertilisation during the process.

If I'm using Eco-Complete as my substrate, should I place root tabs in the substrate bed before I fill with water to emergence? Should I dose macro/micro traces into this water before adding it? This is slightly ambiguous to me given what I've read.

Any input that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I've moved this to the Sediment board.
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