Emersed grow-out in tupperware... need some advice please


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May 11, 2008
I have some eleocharis sp. belem I'd like to grow emersed. I picked up a tupperware container 12"x8"x3", have plenty of left over Amazonia AS and a couple CFL desk lamps. Seeing as my last attempt at a DSM started off pretty rocky, and this isn't a real DSM (no plans to immerse) thought i would clear up a couple points first.

My questions -
#1. if this is purely for grow-out purposes, how deep should the aquasoil be?
#2. is there a need to fertilize at all? my assumption is no with the AS, but my assumptions are not to be trusted. :tongue:
#3. How much (standing) water should there be?
#4. how often should i mist?
#5. length of photo-period. I read 12 hours, was wondering if that is still the standard.

Thanks for the help!


1. I'd say 3/4-1" would be plenty deep enough
2. Nope.
3. No standing water. The water line should be about 1/2" below the surface of the substrate.
4. No need to mist unless the leaves start wilting. Since there will be no slope to the substrate, there shouldn't be any dry areas in it. It should stay uniform in moisture all over.
5. With DSM, you could do anywhere from 10-16 hours. I am currently running my lights for 16 hours on my emersed tank.


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Aug 25, 2006
Just to add -- some way to keep in moisture (such as a lid or upside down large tupperware container) will help the survival rate of the initial plantings during the adaptation stage. I liked misting daily but that's just me and because it gives me a chance to spend zen time with the tanks. You'll find emersed growth and plants in general resilient and this less important after adaptation, though.