EI in regards to cycling


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Feb 3, 2005
Rochester, NH
I have just set up a new 55 gal tank (I have started plenty of new tanks, but this is my first new planted tank). It has plants in it (a medium amount, the plants were from an established tank) and a small fish load...about 6" of fish (small barbs and cories). Anyway, the tank is now cloudy (it has been filled since Saturday) so I take it is bacteria cycling. Should I hold off on the 50% weekly water changes until the cloudiness goes away? I realize that letting it run its course is usually the best bet, but if I'm to do that, than I will probably cut back a little on the dosing of ferts since I won't have the water change to keep their levels in check. I haven't done any nitrite or ammonia tests, but the fish do not seem distressed so I am thinking the bacteria that is cycling may not necessarily be the bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle but bacteria that is from the substrate. Anyway I am starting to ramble......What opinions or experiences do you guys have?


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Jan 24, 2005
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Re: EI in regards to cycling

I wouldn't worry too much about water changes. As long as you moved some mulm from established tanks, and really do have a good plant level, all should be good. The beneficial bacteria should mostly be on surfaces, and water changes shouldn't affect that.

I'm sure TB will chime in soon.


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May 21, 2005
Re: EI in regards to cycling

The best advice I've ever gotten about a newly set up planted tank is pack it full of plants from the very beginning. I haven't been doing this that long but the tanks I fully planted from the start, never seemed to have algae issues compared to planting only a portion of the tank at the start.