Dusty water and critters in new tank


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Apr 5, 2006
I got a serious problem with dusty water (not green) and theres also some very small critters ½-1mm long, white. Some with 2 "balls", some without.

Tank: 250L
filter: Eheim 2224
light: 4 x 39WT5 ( 2 lamps on 10 hours - 4 on 6 hours)
Substrate: Tropica Aquacare substrate topped with floodgravel 1-3mm
CO2 (none) but i use Easycarbo 10mL daily (Pressurized will be up next week)
Ferts: EI and 50% waterchange

The tank is ~ 1 month old with good plant growth.

What are the critters, and what causes the dusty water - its been getting worse within the last 2 weeks.






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Apr 5, 2006
Plant issues too

Now im also seing small worms ~ ½mm wide 3-5mm long.

My Microsorum pteropus ''Narrow'' is getting holes and black spots, and yellowish - also on the fresh young leafs, that in my other tank were nice and freshly green. Could it be snails or other critters? Amanos?

Some shots of the Rotala sp. green are yellow and many leafs has small black spots.

Any ideas?

Pic of my Microsorum pteropus ''Narrow'':

Pic of my Rotala sp. green and Anubias b. var nana

Im not holding back on any nutrients, but im suspicious to possible lack of nitrate and iron - ???

Should i try upping the makro and micro?

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Well, you know it cannot be from lack of dosing NO3/PO4/K, traces etc if you follow EI, that is a basic assumption that you use, non limiting levels.

You know you add a specific amount and that they will last for a given time frame.

Light is next. You have enough more than likely.

My Java fern and R green grow rapidly when I have good CO2, when I do not, thety turn black.

I've repeated this a dozen times in several tanks.
Rotala green is a weed if you give it good CO2/NO3.
It grows about 1-2" daily.

The green algae and critters suggest a poor start etc.
Generally tweaking the CO2 is the main issue or not adding enough.
If you add Zeolite and/or Activated carbon that will take any stress off the filter/bacteria etc till things settle down(about 1 month).

Then the AC and Z turn to bacterial media anyway.

Tom Barr