Dual venturi DIY External CO2 reactor


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Oct 18, 2009
happi;45643 said:

is there anyone who could make this for me i will pay for the shipping and the cost to build it.
please someone do this great favor for me as am not a very good at DIY project. i will pay through paypal if anyone is intersted in making this for me.

my red sea 500 is not putting enough co2 for the 50G Tank.

Well if none of the handier than handsome boys will take it on I will.

assuming you live in the US.

I will have to find the clear pvc if that is what you want. the regular pvc is cheaper and I know where to get that, it is what the ones i built have, I don't use bio-balls, but if you want them.

Are you planning to use it with a cannister?

This is on a best efforts basis, I won't ship till I test, I need a week or so, longer for clear pvc, less for schedule 40 stuff.

The boy's should know, if we girls do not find you handsome, we ought to find you handy! (Biollante quote of some other geezer:eek:)


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Dec 23, 2009
hi dabug

thanks for reply, i am not sure how i will be usging this but i want it to work better than the red sea 500 which sucks.
i have 50g tank, rena xp2 filter, i dont know if this will fit on it without any risk of water leaking etc.
i would rather take the one with the pump that hooks up to the diffuser, but which ever works best i will go for that. please do remember that i really want the diffuser to diffuse enough so i wont be frustrated any more, just like i was with the red sea.

can you post a video or picture of yours or the one you will be making for me. how much would you charge me for the total, please do let me know and do post the results on how it works and the picture also. yes i would like to have those bio-balls in them.

thank you very much


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Oct 18, 2009

I think that it would be better if you went ahead and tried building it yourself or purchased a commercial unit.

This is making me feel kind of commercial, I didn’t mind building one as a friend for cost, but I am feeling that maybe you want guarantees, or me to be responsible for your success or failure. I already have a business.

Doing diy is a good way to become good at diy.

Anyway, good luck and I have read a few negative stories about the Red Sea 500. Some say a good cleaning on a regular (weekly?) basis. Someone on APC said get rid of the suction cups and build a bracket.


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Oct 5, 2012

Do you need a powerhead to run this or could I just run it off my 2217 canister filter? Right now I'm just using an atomizer on my 33 gal but would like better diffusion and less bubbles.